Climax Podcast Reports

Elevate your
podcast business.

Our AI-powered podcast analysis helps you develop more exciting content.

It's a whole new way to shape your narrative.

Capture key concepts in your market space to understand which attributes distinguish your podcast from existing competitive podcasts.

Identify points of similarity and points of difference between top speakers in your podcast and leading personalities in your space.

Understand audience sentiment at a deeper level, and revolutionize the experience around the value that your audience seeks.

Get personalized recommendations for extending the core value of your content into adjacent revenue-generating opportunities.
“As much as the next decade will be defined by a more personalized, immersive audio experience, it also will be defined by fierce competition.”
- Daniel Ek, CEO Spotify
“One key component of the development and evolution of the podcast industry will be its ability to gather reliable data.”
-John Delfau, Everything You Need to Know About the Podcast Industry
“As the industry grows and more podcasts vie for advertiser dollars, podcast networks are going to have to make the case that an advertiser is best served by their specific show.”
-Ashley Carman, The Verge
“Compared to what Facebook and Google know about people, the podcast industry is woefully lacking data.”
-Ashley Carman, The Verge
"I’m going to have a set strategy, do the research and make sure I know what I’m doing, instead of just seeing what sticks."
-Morgan Mandriota, Podcaster