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The future of mobile is not a device.

For at least a century, corporate behemoths characterized by names like General Electric, General Mills, and General Motors clumped together large sets of siloed functions to deliver generic offerings through a continuous process of aggregation. Along the way, they optimized for efficiency and created a factory system that organized the economy in command-and-control management structures. The entire economic system was predicated and structured around a promise of predictable growth in a stable world. But stability is no longer the norm. And the growth provided by the factory system has run out.

Dissatisfaction with the old model has reached peak levels. People want something different. And through a combination of high rates of change in information technology, disaggregation of old business systems, and a human desire for more meaningful experiences, a new economic system is emerging. This tectonic shift is opening up billions of entrepreneurial opportunities to offer highly specialized products and services that haven’t fit neatly into the mass economics of the old model.

In the new system, more will be asked of individuals. We envision a future that provides more opportunities for upward mobility. But entrepreneurship, innovation, and a lifelong commitment to developing new capabilities will be required to achieve it. Climax will become an important enabler of their personal growth.