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We're building a whole new way of life.

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The future of mobile is not a device. It's a lifestyle.

The major institutions of our society have been predicated and structured around a promise of predictable growth in a stable world. But stability is no longer the norm. And the growth we were promised has run out. As a consequence, our institutions have become pathological, and our behavior has become deranged. Now is the time to build a whole new way of life.

Climax provides lifestyle change for the transformation economy. We are champions of autonomy, adventure, and adaptability. We believe in empowering individuals to pursue their purpose, wherever they can thrive, with people who fuel their passions. We're encouraging critical thinking about the whole. And we're enabling individuals to take control of the interconnected factors that determine their wellbeing.

Isolation is public enemy number one in our war on stagnation. As a starting point, Climax is building a lifestyle-change network that connects individuals and podcasters around tools and topics that shape our lives and challenge our times. Tools and topics that aid the process of lifestyle change are organized around five core determinants of wellbeing: (1) Career, (2) Social, (3) Financial, (4) Physical, and (5) Community wellbeing. Sign up to discover a whole new way of life with Climax.