The Climax vision is simple.

Binge building will become the new binge watching.

Climax Purpose

We're here to make the system work for the people, instead of the other way around, so that freedom doesn't perish from the earth.

Climax Beliefs

The only people for us are the electric ones.

The ones who make full use of their powers to accomplish what they dream to become.

Because the ones who rise to the challenge, bring electrifying opportunities to life.

Climax Mission

Our mission is to binge build America, beat the hell out of business as usual, and elevate innovation everywhere.
  • Binge build America.
  • Beat the hell out of business as usual.
  • Elevate innovation everywhere.

Climax Founder

Timothy J. Berry


Climax Manifesto

Climax guides
electric people
electrifying opportunities
to create and adopt the new, so they can
grow and glow
with the essence of life.
Here's Why