We identify new opportunities.

Technology now has the ability to enhance experiences in ways that surpass the capabilities of magical objects from folklore and science fiction.

People don’t only want to experience the reality of their current environment; they want to become the heroes of their own epic adventures. With access to more information than ever before, people now have the power to shape their own narratives and fulfill their desired lifestyles with the products and services they pull into their lives.

Climax capitalizes on this shift by fusing superior data and design into new products and services that transform the human experience. With one foot in today and one foot in tomorrow, Climax engages in a delicate dance of creating immediate value while road-mapping a path to a better future.

We understand
human behavior.

True character can only be observed through choice in dilemma. How your customer chooses to act when faced with a job-to-be-done is who your customer is. By getting out of the building and conducting deep user experience research, Climax discovers truths and generates insights about complex human behavior that none of your competitors would ever consider.

Humans are complex and often irrational creatures. But they're usually marked by one or two dominant values. The sooner you understand what your customers truly value, the sooner you can create, deliver, and capture that value. And the greater the reward, the greater the risk they're willing to take.

Although people may be willing to take risks to achieve desirable experiences, their world is often riddled with multiple levels of conflict. Obstacles often arise from their own emotions, personal relationships, and extra-personal conflicts, including environments, tools, and resource constraints, which could block them from making their desired progress.

Climax delivers actionable insights and product recommendations to help your customers overcome their obstacles, so they can enjoy the modern satisfactions of achieving, succeeding, flourishing, and making a difference.

We design peak experiences.

When you look at the condition of your users at the beginning of the experience and compare it to the end of the experience, there should be a sweeping life change that results from the offerings of your business.

Climax designs the right sequence of events to enable your customers to make progress from their current state to their desired state. It's not good enough to purely think of this from a functional perspective. From initial discovery to final climax, the experience should progressively build emotional momentum, by delighting them to greater and greater magnitudes.

The right sequence of events should progressively move customers, both functionally and emotionally, to a climax moment that  brings about an absolute transformation to their well-being. We design for the electrifying moment in which customers overcome their greatest obstacle and become relieved of the pain.

A great experience is when  electric people burn brighter and brighter than they've ever burned before, because of what you created. When you see them growing and glowing with the essence of life and then exploding like brilliant fireworks across the stars: It's innovation at the peak of truth and spectacle.

We find the best customers.

Who are the best customers for our products? Which customer base will be the most valuable foundation for future growth? How do we win a battle for the headspace of our target market? What are the core competencies, distribution channels, and relationships with partners and allies that need to be in place backstage to fulfill a complete transformation for the customer front-stage?
Many segmentation efforts run into trouble when segmenting the market by demographic, psychographic, or product lines.  
Climax goes beyond traditional customer development approaches and implements a structured process for creating communities of superfans through love and appreciation of your brand story.

From seed to scale, we shape repeatable and scalable business models and go-to-market strategies to enable enduring transformations across the startup spectrum.

We have an impressive body of work.

We fuse superior data and design into new products and services that transform the human experience.


Tailored to Your Audience

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“I think it needs to be noted that TJ’s capabilities as a designer and strategist are far beyond what we’re used to with PM’s. Even though I know that we knew this to an extent before he arrived, I experienced his talent in research and strategy first hand (along with Steven) and think this needs to be leveraged on projects as much as possible. Also, very strong at building narratives and storytelling in general, which is a hell of a skill.”

T.J. distinguished himself at HBO with curiosity, passion, and vision that was absolutely infectious.


“T.J. is thoughtful and articulate. He’s been able to leave a great impression through his interactions and insights.”

“T.J. proved invaluable in handling difficult people and moving the product forward. Anyone dealing with people issues regarding working as a team, setting and achieving goals, or generally handling a cadre of personality types will benefit from his participation.”


“T.J. has been awesome to work with.”




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