Destination NeXt

Your zip code matters more than your genetic code.

Where we choose to live can be the biggest determinant of wellbeing. But as we transition from an industrial economy to a digital one, in the era of remote work, choosing a place to live isn't easy. In this 30-day challenge, we'll guide you to the best destination for your lifestyle, personality, and life stage.

Your 30-Day Challenge

Your challenge is to plan your next move. Within 30 days you will choose the best place to live and put a plan into action to move there.

From discovering and evaluating destinations to improving your move, this program will provide professional support every step of the way, so that you can seamlessly integrate into places that are better matches for your lifestyle, personality, and life stage. This challenge provides personalized, guided relocation planning - designed specifically for your needs. We want to see you thriving.

Your Schedule

Destination NeXt is organized in four phases, based on the overarching objective of each phase of work.

  1. Pick Your Place: Make a wish list and execute your destination evaluation.
  2. Plan & Budget: Put together your plan and get assistance with place finding, leasing or home buying, travel and transportation, budgeting, cost estimates, checklist reviews, project management, and more.
  3. Purge & Pack: Discover ways to let go of the non-essentials, and get personalized professional guidance from a logistics and support rep who can guide vendor selection, contract negotiations, boxing assistance, junk removal, donations, and more.
  4. Move Out & Move In: Overcome the obstacles to moving out and moving in, which could include but is not limited to cleaning coordination, photo documentation, landlord communication, loading and unloading assistance, storage coordination, pickup and delivery assistance, utility setup coordination, and more.

This is a new challenge slated for launch in 2021. The number of seats are limited, and we anticipate the challenge to fill up fast. Subscribe to the Climax mailing list to receive challenge updates and get early access to admissions.

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