Innovation Ready

Become Innovation Ready

The status quo is set up to suck the life out of all but the most determined. Jobs are increasingly temporary, underpaid, incommensurate with education, or just plain unsatisfying.

By contrast, this 30-day challenge will guide you through a creative adventure in business and design. The resources we provide along the way will arm you with the capabilities and confidence to design a product or service that presents such a compelling opportunity you may decide to venture into a creative new life as an innovative entrepreneur. If you decide starting a new business isn’t your thing, the competencies and capabilities you develop in this challenge will speak volumes about your ability to contribute to workplaces that are aligned with your purpose and passion.

The challenge is designed to help you gain practical experience with the process of innovation. It’s an introduction to the business of finding new opportunities and developing new products or services to achieve those opportunities. Completing the challenge should enable you to understand how you can begin transforming yourself to find non-obvious opportunity and to create leaps in value for whatever you want to do.

Your 30-Day Challenge

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to pick an important experience in your life that you either love or hate. Then build something within 30 days to make that experience more lovable.

Who, me? Build something more lovable? How will I even know where to start?

If the ambiguity of this challenge has you feeling overwhelmed, that’s ok. One of the biggest challenges will be reframing this general area of inquiry into a more narrowly defined problem worth solving. We'll guide you through this process.

Within the context of this challenge, you’re going to practice problem-solving by utilizing a designer's toolkit and by developing an enterprising mindset. So don't worry if this feels like new territory: be audacious! Within each domain there are countless needs and problems to be discovered and investigated. In our world, problems are opportunities to improve things, to design solutions. In the days and weeks to come, you will develop the ability to navigate the discomfort of not knowing.

Your Schedule

The design and innovation challenge is organized in four phases, based on the overarching objective of each phase of work.

  1. Identify the Opportunity: Pick an area of strategic importance to you, your company, or your target market.
  2. Understand the Opportunity: Get out of the building to research the needs, wants, and desires of the people you want to serve.
  3. Conceptualize the Opportunity: Brainstorm, build, and test multiple concepts.
  4. Realize the Opportunity: Detail the final concept and build the business case.

Are you ready to become innovation ready?

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