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Dr. Emily Morse shares her expertise on sex, relationships and everything in between! Submit your questions to Emily by emailing For more sexy fun, including blogs, photos, videos or to stream this show, visit

The Good

I’d recommend every single person listen to this; it’s fun and happy and light and the advice and lessons are amazing. 
Love the show, love the conversations! Advice is ah-mazing. Helps me keep things spicy with my husband! You all are amazing. 
She approaches all topics with such positivity and honesty and does so in a fun and professional manor.
There is so much you can learn from this podcast, both relationship wise and as a single person and there’s tons of sex and self love information too
I have honestly learned so much and it’s just so fun to listen to!”
I have learned so many great things and my sex life with my husband is probably the best it has ever been (he listened before me!)
I usually can’t stand intros to any of my even fav podcasts but this one is fantastic haha so good, so much great information and funny. 
Emily is very informative, honest, entertaining and hot!” 
“Love listening have learned so many do’s and don’ts”
Love this show, love you and your team, love all your guests, you all ROCK! 💞”
“I really love Emily’s voice and advice.
Very easy to listen too with great advice!”
I love learning new things literally about more than just sex. Taking in all this information has definitely made my life better and happier.
“The guests are really good on this podcast, the topics are great too.


The Bad

I like this podcast and her guests are awesome but Emily interrupts her guests wayyyy too much...a great interviewer knows how to interview and let the interviewees speak and finish thoughts and I don’t like that Emily doesn’t do that. Other than that I like the podcast.
I can hardly listen to an entire episode because Emily talks over her gas and interrupts incessantly
“OMG ,,,, the amount of talking over each other completely obscures some very good discussion topics .I’m over it and moving on to other more coherent podcasters .”
“Interesting discussions but the advertisement push is too intrusive.
Some good info and the speakers/Emily seem really fun and friendly, but it’s just so much fluff that I feel like I’m wasting a lot of time. For example, in the episode “ what’s your (sex) sign?” they literally never discussed different sex signs, they just said that it’s too hard to tell from one sign. Total waste of 50+ minutes.
However, she can be tough to listen to at times due to constantly interrupting her guest.
I’d love for her to let the guest talk and ask occasional questions. 
At times the host also begins to talk really fast which leads to rambling.
Spends the majority of her time promoting or talking about herself. Reminds me of the coworker who thinks they’re interesting because they like talking about sex at work.
Emily seems uninformed about most topics and appears to be googling her answers to any question that is medical or doesn’t revolve around lube or sex toys.
I miss that you had longer interviews. Since starting with the radio show it seems like we don’t get very long interviews or guest shows. I feel it gets cut off a lot.
Really hard to relate to the people talking.
West coast “LA” people talking about sex and relationships when that environment is so different than every day Americans.
She’s a horrible listener and constantly interrupting her guests.
“Same questions every show. Recycled material from Sirius program. Boring guests.

The Nice to Know

Love this podcast, really informative, the only reason I gave 4 stars is because there’s a tendency to talk over guests and people who phone in when they’re trying to explain their situations.
Also wish there wasn’t so many ads / her trying to sell things.

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